A Clayfoot's Tale [CD]

A Clayfoot's Tale [CD]


With “A Clayfoot’s Tale”, Pete underscores a collection of thoughtful original lyrics with his painterly eye for detail and a keen, loving ear for deep folk roots. With 23 guest musicians and lush arrangements, each track is a track is a treasure for the listener’s ear to enjoy.

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  1. When My Grandmother Worked At The Mill
  2. Where Shall I Fly?
  3. Fools Gold
  4. Hard Hearted Hills
  5. Mark's Song
  6. Time's Not Up
  7. Out To Breakfast
  8. Gal By The Name Of Summer
  9. A Devil's Tune
  10. The Comet
  11. Work In The World
  12. Catch Up On My Sleep / Calum's Dream
  13. Thunderbird (Parting Hand)
  14. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  15. The Moment
  16. Tesfaye