Fruit Fly Blues [Digital]

Fruit Fly Blues [Digital]


After five years and four previous recordings of the Posse’s usual boundless variety, here’s an album that yells OLD TIME from the mountain tops! “Fruit Fly Blues” is full of great tunes Pete’s collected over his many years of playing, along with some newer compositions to add to the genre, and a couple songs to boot. This album is a hoe down waiting to happen, straight up Old Time, Posse-style!

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  1. Indiana Breakdown / Terry's Breakdown
  2. Greenfields of America / Dickey's Discovery
  3. Fruit Fly Blues
  4. Goin' to Town
  5. Hole in the Heart of the Night
  6. Railroad Through the Rockies / Two Manco Sneed Tunes
  7. Goin' to the Free State
  8. Salt River
  9. Sal Won't You Marry Me / Dusty Miller / Rat Cheer / Shuffle Creek
  10. Cumberland Gap