The Conversation [Digital]

The Conversation [Digital]


Our third full-length album and our most dynamic and exciting work yet;  energized, lyrical, thoughtful, wistful, cinematic and full of new compositions and thrilling arrangements! Featured tracks include: “The Brocca Set”, “Don’t Let Me Go”, “Up and Blow Away”, “Stick Season Suite” and “Florona”.

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  1. The Brocca Set
  2. Don’t Let Me Go
  3. The Echo
  4. The Vermont Set
  5. Be The Light
  6. Not a Flower on Dogwood Flat
  7. The Sap Ain’t Runnin’
  8. The Bunny Tree
  9. Up and Blow Away
  10. Turlutte Electrique
  11. Stick Season Suite
  12. Burnin’ Shivers
  13. Reel de Grandpere
  14. The Conversation
  15. Florona