The Pond Jam [CD]

The Pond Jam [CD]


Released in 2014, "The Pond Jam" is Oliver’s first solo album, featuring a collection of tunes in the traditional style, many of them originals. Scanlon's smooth fiddle and 'grassy' mandolin picking lead the way, but he has ample support from members of the Posse and the Irregulars as well as local Bluegrass pickers, long-distance guests David Surette and Grey Larsen and more. From the unstoppable drive of the ancient "Money Musk" to the gentle swing of his own "Joan's Waltz", the CD hits a wide variety of moods. Scanlon also takes a turn as singer and songwriter on "Power to Be Reckoned With" and leads a family gospel quartet through "Gonna be Movin'" to close out the album. 

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