The Wilderness Road [CD]

The Wilderness Road [CD]


“A number there tales are well-known; some not-so… some feature real-life characters who were born or lived in Vermont or made their mark as they passed through; others are stand-ins for a race, a trade, an infantry division or a community. The stories caught my ear in much the same way that old ballads have and seemed to be asking for musical release from their dusty library shelves. For me, a life-long Vermonter, they deepen my love for the place I am so lucky to call home, and strengthen my belief in the power of history to share so many of the truest lessons we’ll ever need to hera. Whether you are a ‘woodchuck’, a recent transplant, a ‘flatlander’ or visitor I hope they bring an excitement for the intensely colorful history of this little corner of the world.”
- Pete Sutherland, Monkton VT, May 2008

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  1. In Barre We All Get Along
  2. The Indian Road
  3. The Witch of Wall Street
  4. The Rangers' Retreat
  5. Another Great Awakening
  6. The Wilderness Road
  7. A Crown of Righteousness
  8. Spittin' Matt
  9. Goodbye, We're Gone
  10. The Black Snake and the Fly
  11. Hills