Mountain Hornpipe [Digital]

Mountain Hornpipe [Digital]


Tradition and experimentation was Pete’s thesis for Mountain Hornpipe, released in 1989. You’ll find some unusual mixes of sounds, from the expected fiddle, guitar and banjo, to hand drums, synthesizer, Uilleann pipes , flutes and Martin Simpson playing some electric guitar. There’s some wild material to be found on this album. A bunch of great old time tunes with some cool and intriguing soundscapes! 

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  1. Old Natchez
  2. The World Turned Upside Down
  3. A Hoosier Hoedown
  4. A Psalm of Life
  5. Illegal Aliens
  6. Elizick's Farewell
  7. Mountain Hornpipe
  8. The Spokane Waltz
  9. Old Smokey
  10. Jenny Get Around
  11. Crippled Creek
  12. Highlands of Heaven