Streak o'Lean [CD]

Streak o'Lean [CD]


The old time dance music and songs of the American southern mountains, New England and the Celtic isles are resurrected on “Streak O’Lean”. The album has a stripped down, beautifully raw feel to it. Accompanied by the guitar wizardry of Colin McCaffrey on few tracks, and just solo fiddle and voice on some, the subtle shadings, ornaments, double stops and variations in Pete’s fiddling shine through in this masterful work.

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  1. The Moon Behind the Hill / The Baltimore
  2. The Gospel of Mother
  3. Old Henry
  4. Prosper's Clog
  5. The Shaky Woman
  6. When Gabriel Come Blowin' on his Horn
  7. Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked and Walked
  8. Wagon Wheel / Walt's Whiskey
  9. Jim Gemmel's Waltzes
  10. The Landlord's Jig / The Distraught Man / Hitler's Downfall
  11. The Stormy Banks of Black River
  12. Icy Mountain / Blind Steer in a Mudhole
  13. Appelbo
  14. The Dying Californian
  15. Streak O'Lean / Swanee River Breakdown